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BC430 picture

Fluke BC430

Price: $181.41

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BC430 Voltage Adapters/Battery Chargers; Power Supply Type:Plug In External; Output Type:Fixed; No. of Outputs:1; Power Rating:15W; Supply Voltage:230V; Output Voltage:17.8V; Output Power Max:15W; Series:;

RS-201W picture


Price: $529.88

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RS-201W RESISTANCE DECADE BOX, 0 - 99999999.9OHM; Decade Box Type:Resistance; No. of Decades:9; Tolerance:0.1%; Accuracy %:0.1%; Measuring Range:0ohm to 99999999.9ohm; Resolution:0.1ohm; Power Rating:500mW;

H5 picture

Fluke H5

Price: $27.16

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H5 HOLSTER, T SERIES FLUKE H5; SVHC:No SVHC (15-Dec-2010); Accessory Type:Holster; Bandwidth:66Hz; For Use With:Fluke T3 and T5 Testers; Safety Category:UL, CSA, CE, VDE; Voltage Measuring Range AC:690V

TP40 picture

Fluke TP40

Price: $35.83

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TP40 PROBES, TEST, PINS FLUKE TP40; SVHC:No SVHC (15-Dec-2010); Connector Type A:Banana Jack

BP120MH picture

Fluke BP120MH

Price: $93.74

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BP120MH RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK, 4.8V, 3000MAH; Battery Capacity:3000mAh; Battery Voltage:4.8V; Battery Technology:Nickel Metal Hydride; External Height:13cm; External Width:9cm; External Depth:6.5cm ;RoHS

I50S picture

Fluke I50S

Price: $2412.46

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700TC2 picture

Fluke FLUKE 700TC2

Price: $77.97

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700TC2 Test, Calibration; Kit Contents:7 Pieces of Type E, J, K, T, R/S mini Plug Connectors ;RoHS Compliant: NA

C510 picture

Fluke C510

Price: $57.33

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C510 Meter Case; Body Material:Leather; Color:Brown; Features:Sturdy Snap Closure; For Use With:Fluke 29, and 79 Series III True-RMS Digital Multimeter ;RoHS Compliant: NA

80PJ-1 picture

Fluke 80PJ-1

Price: $25.3

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80PJ-1 Test Probe; Test Probe Functions:Temperature; For Use With:0 ;RoHS Compliant: NA

80I-110S picture

Fluke 80I-110S

Price: $652.04

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80I-110S Test Clamp; DMM Type:Clamp; Voltage Measuring Range DC:600 V; Voltage Measuring Range AC:600 V; Current DC Max:100A; Current AC Max:70A; Certificate of Calibration:Yes With Data ;RoHS Compliant: NA

DP120 picture

Fluke DP120

Price: $588.74

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DP120 Probe, Voltage; Differential;1.5 m long; CAT III/CAT II input

80TK picture

Fluke 80TK

Price: $121.92

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80TK ADAPTOR, THERMOCOUPLE FLUKE 80TK; SVHC:No SVHC (15-Dec-2010); Accessory Type:Adaptor; Battery Lifetime:1600h; Battery Size Code:PP3; External Depth:25mm; External Length / Height:100mm; External Widt

881 picture

BK Precision 881

Price: $209.68

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881 In-Circuit ESR / DCR Capacitor Tester Analyzer This In-circuit ESR & DC Resistance capacitor tester is specially designed to measure ESR (equivalent Series Resistance) on capacitors in the range

C20 picture

Fluke C20

Price: $51.47

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C20 Hardside Meter Case with Handle; Body Material:polypropylene; Color:Dark Gray; Features:Accessories Storage Compartment; Top Cover Snaps Onto Back to Serve as Tilt Stand; 1-year Mfr. Warranty ; For U

C35 picture

Fluke C35

Price: $20.65

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C35 Meter carrying case; Body Material:; Color:; For Use With: ;RoHS Compliant: NA

80PK-9 picture

Fluke 80PK-9

Price: $47.9

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80PK-9 Test Probe; Test Probe Functions:Temperature; For Use With:Air and Non-caustic Gas Measurements ;RoHS Compliant: NA

L215 picture

Fluke L215

Price: $84.44

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L215 SURE GRIP KIT, FLUKE L215 FLUKE L215; SVHC:No SVHC (15-Dec-2010); Accessory Type:Sure Grip; For Use With:Fluke 355 AC/DC Clamp Meters

815 picture

BK Precision 815

Price: $104.86

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815 Tester component hand held digital bk

1433-22 picture

IET 1433-22

Price: $2495

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1433-22 Decade Box Resistance; Series:1433; Adjustment Type:Knob; No. of Decades:6; Resistance Max:111.111kohm; Resistance Min:0ohm; Temperature Coefficient:± 5ppm/°C; Track Resistance:111.111kohm ;RoHS Comp

I1010-KIT picture

Fluke I1010-KIT

Price: $402.5

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I1010-KIT CURRENT CLAMP, 1000A FLUKE I1010; SVHC:No SVHC (15-Dec-2010); Accessory Type:Clamp; Accuracy:2%; Accuracy %:2%; Approval Category:600 V CAT III; Battery Lifetime:60h; Battery Size Code:PP3; Current R

80K-40 picture

Fluke 80K-40

Price: $183.83

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80K-40 High-Voltage Test Probe; For Use With:Fluke AC/DC Voltmeters & Multimeters having 10 Megohm input impedance; Color:Red ;RoHS Compliant: NA

890B picture

BK Precision 890B

Price: $134

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BP7235 picture

Fluke BP7235

Price: $239.14

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BP7235 BATTERY PACK, FLUKE BP7235; Battery Capacity:3500mAh; Battery Technology:Nickel Metal Hydride; External Height:22mm; External Width:56mm; External Depth:150mm; Weight:380g; Battery Terminals:Connecto

H80M picture

Fluke H80M

Price: $39.53

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H80M HOLSTER, MULTIMETER FLUKE H80M; SVHC:No SVHC (15-Dec-2010); Accessory Type:Holster; For Use With:80 Series DMM; Series:FLUKE 80

570 picture

BK Precision 570

Price: $1030

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RCS-502 picture


Price: $652.5

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RCS-502 Decade Box Resistance; Series:RCS; No. of Decades:13; Resistance Max:9.999Mohm; Track Resistance:9.999Mohm; Voltage Rating:0V ;RoHS Compliant: NA

TP1 picture

Fluke TP1

Price: $15.02

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TP1 Slim-Reach Test Probes; Body Material:Stainless Steel Flat-Blade Design Probe Tip; Kit Contents:One pair (red, black); 1-yr. mfr. warranty; Color:One Red and One Black ;RoHS Compliant: NA

C1600 picture

Fluke C1600

Price: $55.59

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C1600 CARRY CASE, FLUKE C1600.; External Height:33.02cm; External Width:17.15cm; External Depth:25.4cm; Weight:1.7kg; SVHC:No SVHC (15-Dec-2010)

DP-52 picture

BK Precision DP-52

Price: $47.44

Datasheet Download

DP-52 50 MHz Logic Probe

CS-300 picture

IET CS-300

Price: $186

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CS-300 Capacitance Decade Box; Capacitance Range:0 uF - 99.99 uF; Series:CS; Voltage Rating:100V; Capacitance Max:99.99μF; Capacitance Min:0μF; Working Voltage, DC:100V ;RoHS Compliant: NA