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Size: 479.4KB Page: 39 Pages Scan MFG: Atmel
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Atmel AT89S52-24PU : IC, 8BIT MCU FLASH, 89S52, DIP40; Controller Family/Series:(8051) 8052; Core Size:8bit; No. of I/O's:32; Program Memory Size:8 KB; RAM Memory Size:256Byte; CPU Speed:24MHz; Oscillator Type:External, Internal; No. of Timers:3; Peripherals:Timer; Digital IC Case Style:DIP; Supply Voltage Range:4V to 5.5V; Operating Temperature Range:-40°C to +85°C; No. of Pins:40; SVHC:No SVHC (20-Jun-2011); Clock Frequency:33MHz; Device Marking:AT89S52-24PU; Flash Memory Size:8KB; IC Generic Number:89S52; Interface:UART; Interface:UART; Interface Type:SPI, UART; Logic Function Number:52; Memory Size:8KB; Memory...

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If you can't see datasheet,Click Here!
If you can't see datasheet,Click Here!

Technical Specifications

FLASH Memory Size 8192 B
Memory Size 8000 B
Number of I/O Pins 32
Number of Pins 40
RAM Memory Size 256 B
Access Time 24.0 μs
Clock Speed 24.0 MHz, 33.0 MHz
Supply Voltage (DC) 5.00 V
Supply Voltage (DC) 5.50 V (max)
Case / Package DIP-40
Lead-Free Status Lead Free
Mounting Type Through Hole
Packaging Tube
RoHS Compliant


element14 APAC

ic, 8bit mcu flash, 89s52, dip40; controller family/series:(8051) 8052; core size:8bit; no. of i/o's:32; program memory size:8 kb; ram memory size:256byte; cpu speed:24mhz; oscillator type:external, internal; no. of timers:3; peripherals:timer; digital ic case style:dip; supply voltage range:4v to 5.5v; operating temperature range:-40°c to +85°c; no. of pins:40; svhc:no svhc (20-jun-2011); clock frequency:33mhz; device marking:at89s52-24pu; flash memory size:8kb; ic generic number:89s52; interface:uart; interface:uart; interface type:spi, uart; logic function number:52; memory size:8kb; memory type:flash; microprocessor/controller features:8 interrupt sources, isp, uart, pdm, wdt; no. of bits:8; no. of i/o's:32; number of bits in timer:16; operating temperature max:85°c; operating temperature min:-40°c; package / case:dip; program memory size:8kb; supply voltage max:5.5v; supply voltage min:4v; termination type:through hole

Premier Farnell

8bit mcu flash, 89s52, dip40; series:at89; memory size, flash:8kb; memory size, ram:256byte; no of i/o lines:32; timers, no. of:3; clock frequency:33mhz; interface type:spi, uart; voltage, supply min:4v; voltage, supply max:5.5v; termination type:through hole; case style:dip; no. of pins:40; operating temperature range:-40°c to +85°c; temp, op. max:85°c; temp, op. min:-40°c; base number:89; bits, number in timer:16; ic generic number:89s52; logic function number:52; memory size:8kb; memory type:flash; microprocessor/controller features:8 interrupt sources, isp, uart, pdm, wdt; no. of bits:8


8-bit microcontroller ic; memory size, ram:256byte; no. of i/o pins:32; no. of timers:3; clock speed:33mhz; supply voltage min:4v; supply voltage max:5.5v; termination type:smd; package/case:40-dip; no. of pins:40 ;rohs compliant: yes

Net Semi


Jameco Electronics

ic,mcu,at89s52-24pu,8-bit 24mhz,pdip40

Digi-Key Corporation

ic mcu 8k flash 24mhz 40-dip